Sunday, October 11, 2009

Covenants and neighbors

High: On Wednesday I had the privilege of acting as escort as Martha Blackmer and her husband received their Temple Endowment. It was really wonderful to see how excited they were. She made comments about how beautiful the ceremonies were.
Higher: The Bishop asked for ward members to join us that evening for a ward temple trip. Nearly everyone on the session was from our ward. When the Blackmers walked into the celestial room they were greeted by about 50 ward members. Way cool.
Even Higher: On Saturday I again acted as escort to Martha as she and her husband went back to the Temple with their children to be sealed. I can't even type this without starting to cry. I got to drive down in the car with them. Emily kept saying, " I can't wait to be sealed." The whole family was soooo excited. I think Dean might have even been a tiny bit excited but he is way too cool to show it. When we reached the 405 split, Emily looked out the window and saw all the signs and asked, "Are we going to Disneyland?"m
Let me first say that my own children's sealing ceremonies were obviously a way cooler experience but this was definitely a close 2nd. There were young brides also preparing to be sealed that day and it was interesting to see the difference between them and Martha. They were concerned about bridesmaids and flowers. Martha, who had already been married for 20 years instead was focused on the wonderful opportunity to be able to be finally be sealed for eternity to her spouse and her children who she loved so much.
President Brimhall officiated at the ceremony and Beau Belnap and Breck Laing, the missionaries who taught them the gospel, acted as the witnesses. I can't find words to describe the ceremony, let's just say it was awesome and I used a few kleenexes.
Highest: After Martha and Keith were sealed the Temple workers brought in their children. To see their three children all dressed in white kneeling at the altar together was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Again I just can't find the words.
It has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life to be able to work with the Blackmers and help to teach them as they have progressed in the Gospel.
Low: That I don't work more diligently to teach the gospel to more of my neighbors. The reward is so incredible. I wish I would find more ways to be more diligent in helping my friends and neighbors have the opportunity to embrace the covenants of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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