Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brittny - 26 May 2009

Low: I know this sounds uncreative, but I wish Eric was here with Sam and me in New York. We're definitely looking forward to having him here on Thursday!!

High: Kyle prayed and Sam was excellent on the plane rides! Yay for Kyle's prayers :) It's also so awesome being back in NY after 9 years. I'm really liking seeing the Clarks again, especially since I practically lived here when I was growing up. I'm really looking forward to getting to see more friends that I haven't seen in a long time (and really good friends, obviously, if I can still call them friends after not seeing them for such a long time!). Plus, I get to see the whole family (except Eric :( ) in the morning! I like our family!! This is going to be a great trip :)

A glad day for marriage!

High: Finding out that the Supreme Court upheld the law of the Constitution as defined by the people of California and maintaining marriage's true definition.

Low: Not having Brittny and my baby boy home with me tonight.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brittny - 21 May 2009 & More on Manhood

Before I get into my high and low for today I had to add to what Mom was saying about we Anderson women having wonderful men for husbands. It reminded me of a very special moment during last October conference. Eric's mission president has challenged us to always go to conference with questions that we are looking for guidance on. He's told us that if we go into conference with those questions and are prepared to listen we will receive answers. That conference my biggest concern was childbirth. I didn't know what answer I was hoping to receive during conference, but I went in with that question anyways. My answer came during Elder Holland's talk about angels. Although it was obviously not said over the pulpit, this idea was spoken very clearly to my mind that Eric was my angel, and that I could get through anything with him. I couldn't have possibly known then how true that would be. How the blessing I received through Eric, as a worthy priesthood holder, would help get me through the needles. How comforting it would be to have him by my side, even when I was encouraging him to take a nap. How he would lean over the hospital bed to squeeze my hips to help me get through those last contractions, regardless of how much his back would ache afterwards. Eric truly is my angel and I cannot express enough how wonderful he is and how grateful I am for him. What an incredible blessing it is to be married to a wonderful, righteous, caring man who I love more and more every day, even after almost two years of being married to him :)

Ok, on to my high and low.

Low: I didn't really have a low today, it was a pretty good day. My low would have to be from yesterday. Our water was turned off from 9am - 4pm. Once our water was turned back on... our power went out. Not having water was a bummer, but we had ice in the ice maker and I just held off on taking a shower, no big deal. Not having power though was not as easy. Samuel and I sat in our increasingly hot, and increasingly dark apartment for 4.5 hours without power. I hadn't realized how much I rely on having the internet up as my communication link with the outside world. I had a hard time getting a lot of things done that I would have liked to (apparently when there really is an emergency where we have no internet, I'm toast). Fortunately for the long hours without power I had my cell phone fully charged so I was able to document the whole thing on twitter and keep myself from going nuts :P I finally gave up and decided that we'd go to Omniture and hang out with Eric. We hadn't even rounded the corner to get out of our complex... when I saw the lights go on in our condo. Of course.

High: I don't think I have any one specific high for today, it was just generally a really good day. Sam and I were able to run several errands that I'd been wanting to get done. There were some small thunderstorms nearby and I got to see some lightning. We went to Enrichment night and learned how to make some yummy food. I was able to schedule my visiting teaching appointments. Eric came back from the gym relatively early so we could have more time with him. We watched a couple of good episodes of Battlestar Galactica (we're such nerds, but I really do love that show). We got some cute video of Sam. I got to take a shower. Eric made me a really yummy quesadilla. So, yeah, nothing earth shatteringly awesome... but it was a good day :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Low: This is a continuation from the last episode where Taylor gets her hair chopped right before she plans her fairy tale wedding. If you need a reminder of the nightmare go back and read the previous post. On that same day I got a phone call from Brittny and it was quite apparent that she was having a bad day...Samuel had been crying most of the night. My mom heart wanted to jump right onto the plane and race up to help her. I felt so bad for her because I know how hard it is to have an consolable baby but I was sooo busy.

High: This is the best part. So I have two daughters that are having a really hard time. What was so cool to watch was how wonderful and kind their hsuband/fiancee where to them. Ryan had to study for finals but instead he spent the evening with Taylor. I watched him comfort her and tell her how beautiful she was and then we spied (well they were in my bathrroom right infront of us) as he sat her down and washed her face and did her facial cleansing routine. When Brittny called she sounded much better. She told me that when Eric saw how hard it was for her he took the day off work and cared for Samuel and gave her a break.

They remind me of how Curtis has cared for me over the years. When it was time for Jayson to be born and Curtis was hundreds of miles away I did everything I could to wait for him to arrive. Later people told me that Curtis should be so grateful to me for holding on so he could be there. They had it wrong. I was being selfish. There was no way I wanted to go through a birth without him because he cares for me so well and I knew that he would make sure that I was taken care of.

I am so pleased that my daughters have chosen men who take after Curtis. They are really blessed to have them. As I watched Ryan wash Taylor's face I was reminded of the Savior and the care he showed to his Apostles. I am grateful to be surrounded by "real men"; those who follow the Savior and serve as He did. And I am grateful that my boys will have these men to pattern their lives after.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Miracle

Low: Taylor came home from the hairsalon, yes we are only two weeks from the wedding, with 12 inches cut out of the back of her hair. She had asked for some layers and the stylist had whacked big uneven chunks out of her hair. Unfortunately even though it was in the back it was obvious to her that her long had been ruined and there was no way to put it back on.

High: I have been teaching seminary this week, which in and of itself is a high. I love working with the youth and testifying of Christ. (One day we had 5 non members in the class...that was a high. Actually the real high was that three came one day and they brought back two more later in the week...anyway I am digressing.) Because of seminary I have been getting up early again and having time to ponder, pray and study the scriptures. I love this time of the day but without seminary I lack the discipline to get up and take advantage of it. As I was praying about all that has been happening and the many set backs we were having with planning the wedding, I felt the impression to pray for a miracle for Taylor's hair. Heavenly Father can do anything and he can grow hair. I pondered on the faith that it took to grow hair in time for a wedding and decided to go ahead and ask anyway, even though I felt I really didn't think I had enough faith for a miracle of that magnitude.
"We" - no wait this story involves Taylor so we all know that - "I" called the stylist and tried politely to explain that we needed help. I am ashamed to say I forgot about faith and prayer for the rest of the day. We left to the salon. The stylist was defensive and I tried to be polite but firm. I then went outside to finish the sewing I was working on.
When Taylor came out her hair looked beautiful and the layers were even. I was stunned because I really didn't expect it to work. (see my lack of faith) I had looked at the chunk of hair that had been taken out and I couldn't see how it could have been repaired. We then went off to go get her make up done. At the end of make-up and hair, Taylor looked stunning.
While Taylor and I were talking about how good she looked I think I said something about how surprised I was with how well her hair looked and as I was talking the Spirit hit me and reminded me that I had prayed for a miracle, why was I surprised. I had forgotten that I had prayed for help in the morning but apparently Heavenly Father had not forgotten.
This has been a good reminder to me that Heavenly Father deeply cares for us, even when we have bad hair cuts. Yes in the scheme of the eternities, hair doesn't matter much, but it is obvious to me that if it matters to us it matters to our Heavenly Father.
I am reminded that as I encounter problems that I need to turn to my Heavenly Father and trust that he can help me find a solution and have faith that he will. I am certain that in the next few weeks we will encounter some difficulties, it always happens when you are planning for a big event. I pray, as we are all together, that you will remind me that there will be a solution, we just need to turn to our Heavenly Father.
I am sooooo looking forward to being all together in New York. I love the land of the restoration and I am so happy that we can all gather together as a family there, especially for such a wonderful event.
The Momster

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

High: Being a Mom I love being a Mom. Including being Mom to some of my adopted kids. It was very fun to get a call from Brandon Schlecht. Thanks for all your thoughtfulness today. I felt pampered and appreciated.
It was fun to work along side Taylor in the kitchen. We have similar cleaning styles. I really enjoy watching my girls embrace their role as women in Zion. I am very pleased (more like proud but I can't say that) with their desires and actions to help build families.

RadDad - 10 May 2009

High - Having our traditional Mother's Day dinner with our friends the Nielsen's. We started about 10 years ago alternating between our two homes for Mother's Day and Father's Day. This year we invited three other families to join us and it was wonderful!!!!

Low - Not having garlic powder to use to marinate the pork loin that I cooked on the grill.

Lest we forget, our favorite Mother's Day tradition.

Brittny - 10 May 2009

Low - I put some clothes in the washing machine last night for us to wear to church today. I was going to put them in the dryer when I woke up to feed Sam in the middle of the night. Great plan, except Sam didn't wake up in the middle of the night so I ended up wearing a mostly damp undershirt to church today - brrrr!

High - Uhm, did you not just read?!? Sam slept through the night last night! Don't worry, I'm not counting on this being an every night thing, but that was the best Mother's Day present ever! Well, at least it's right there in the running with what Eric bought me - a mobile that doesn't require cranking (Hooray! My fingers have literally developed callouses from cranking Sam's current mobile so much!) Thanks Eric!

However, the real high for today was having a wonderful mother. I feel so blessed to have mom as one of my best friends and a great example of living the gospel. I hope that I can emulate her as I raise my own children. Thanks Mom for being a pillar of strength, caring and righteousness in our family! Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eric - May 09, 2009

High: Finally getting some really cute photos of our Samuel as well as a good family portrait (a nice confidence-boost to my amateur photography skills)

Low: Being so sore from my intense workout session with a personal trainer yesterday. Owwww!