Friday, June 26, 2009


High: I bought a new carpet cleaner, it heats the water and everything.
Low: I lied it doesn't do everything....I have to push it around and add and empty the water and soap but
High: My carpets are getting cleaner
Low: Did I mention that I have to push it around
High: My arms are getting stronger
Low: I have to work to make it work
High: The stench in my car may finally be gone since I cleaned the carpet.
Low: Like I said I had to do the actual cleaning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brittny - 22 June 2009

Low: Our dishes still aren't done. I think it's been a few weeks since I had all of the dishes clean at the same time. Unfortunately, if I wash dishes with Sam then he ends up getting all wet or bonked in the head by a pan. And if I wash them while he's sleeping, it gets noisy and he wakes up. Boo.

High: I found the coolest tracking program online today to track Sam's eating, sleeping, pooping, growing etc. I know, I'm easily amused :) But if you ask me for the password you can check out our reports here : . There's not much there yet (since I only started a couple hours ago) but I'm really excited to see how it works!

Another high, Eric bought fajita meat at Costco. We used it tonight to make fajitas and it was SO good. Plus, it was pre-cooked so we only had to microwave the meat for a minute. I'm a fan of meals where the most time consuming part of preparation is cooking up tortillas. Yum!!

22 Jun 09

High - When I called Blue Cross to check on COBRA insurance options for Taylor now that she is married, I was told that they had Taylor down as being male. When I informed them that she was decidedly female the guy on the phone asked me "could you verify her sex for us please?" Uhhhhhhhh **stifle laughter**, do I have to be a doctor to do that, or would being present at her birth be sufficient? Ultimately they settled that I could give them her date of birth. Tate, watch out!!!!! They may be sending someone your way for further verification!

Low - My butt STILL hurts from sitting on a 5 gallon bucket for the youth conference testimony meeting for two and a half hours on Saturday.

Eric - 22 June 2009 - day after D-day

High: Having a wonderful wife and adorable baby boy to make my father's day very enjoyable. Also, spending time with lots of family today.

Low: Incredibly tired and I just found out that one of my programming projects got deleted from a work server. :( I have to rebuild 33% of it from scratch now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

wedding fallout

Low: When I go to sleep I dream that I am still preparing for another reception. No wonder I am still so tired.

High: I have had lots of opportunities to talk to friends about the church lately because of Taylor and Ryan's marriage. The wonderful pictures that Tami took in the Sacred Grove convey the Spirit of the area. As I have the chance to show friends the pictures I have been able to tell them about the First Vision. I now need to make sure that I invite them to church,

Monday, June 1, 2009

01 June 2009

High: A week in Cumorah with my family and witnessing the marriage of Taylor and Ryan.

Low: That week is over and I have 398 emails that I need to wade my way through