Friday, May 15, 2009

The Miracle

Low: Taylor came home from the hairsalon, yes we are only two weeks from the wedding, with 12 inches cut out of the back of her hair. She had asked for some layers and the stylist had whacked big uneven chunks out of her hair. Unfortunately even though it was in the back it was obvious to her that her long had been ruined and there was no way to put it back on.

High: I have been teaching seminary this week, which in and of itself is a high. I love working with the youth and testifying of Christ. (One day we had 5 non members in the class...that was a high. Actually the real high was that three came one day and they brought back two more later in the week...anyway I am digressing.) Because of seminary I have been getting up early again and having time to ponder, pray and study the scriptures. I love this time of the day but without seminary I lack the discipline to get up and take advantage of it. As I was praying about all that has been happening and the many set backs we were having with planning the wedding, I felt the impression to pray for a miracle for Taylor's hair. Heavenly Father can do anything and he can grow hair. I pondered on the faith that it took to grow hair in time for a wedding and decided to go ahead and ask anyway, even though I felt I really didn't think I had enough faith for a miracle of that magnitude.
"We" - no wait this story involves Taylor so we all know that - "I" called the stylist and tried politely to explain that we needed help. I am ashamed to say I forgot about faith and prayer for the rest of the day. We left to the salon. The stylist was defensive and I tried to be polite but firm. I then went outside to finish the sewing I was working on.
When Taylor came out her hair looked beautiful and the layers were even. I was stunned because I really didn't expect it to work. (see my lack of faith) I had looked at the chunk of hair that had been taken out and I couldn't see how it could have been repaired. We then went off to go get her make up done. At the end of make-up and hair, Taylor looked stunning.
While Taylor and I were talking about how good she looked I think I said something about how surprised I was with how well her hair looked and as I was talking the Spirit hit me and reminded me that I had prayed for a miracle, why was I surprised. I had forgotten that I had prayed for help in the morning but apparently Heavenly Father had not forgotten.
This has been a good reminder to me that Heavenly Father deeply cares for us, even when we have bad hair cuts. Yes in the scheme of the eternities, hair doesn't matter much, but it is obvious to me that if it matters to us it matters to our Heavenly Father.
I am reminded that as I encounter problems that I need to turn to my Heavenly Father and trust that he can help me find a solution and have faith that he will. I am certain that in the next few weeks we will encounter some difficulties, it always happens when you are planning for a big event. I pray, as we are all together, that you will remind me that there will be a solution, we just need to turn to our Heavenly Father.
I am sooooo looking forward to being all together in New York. I love the land of the restoration and I am so happy that we can all gather together as a family there, especially for such a wonderful event.
The Momster

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