Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Low: This is a continuation from the last episode where Taylor gets her hair chopped right before she plans her fairy tale wedding. If you need a reminder of the nightmare go back and read the previous post. On that same day I got a phone call from Brittny and it was quite apparent that she was having a bad day...Samuel had been crying most of the night. My mom heart wanted to jump right onto the plane and race up to help her. I felt so bad for her because I know how hard it is to have an consolable baby but I was sooo busy.

High: This is the best part. So I have two daughters that are having a really hard time. What was so cool to watch was how wonderful and kind their hsuband/fiancee where to them. Ryan had to study for finals but instead he spent the evening with Taylor. I watched him comfort her and tell her how beautiful she was and then we spied (well they were in my bathrroom right infront of us) as he sat her down and washed her face and did her facial cleansing routine. When Brittny called she sounded much better. She told me that when Eric saw how hard it was for her he took the day off work and cared for Samuel and gave her a break.

They remind me of how Curtis has cared for me over the years. When it was time for Jayson to be born and Curtis was hundreds of miles away I did everything I could to wait for him to arrive. Later people told me that Curtis should be so grateful to me for holding on so he could be there. They had it wrong. I was being selfish. There was no way I wanted to go through a birth without him because he cares for me so well and I knew that he would make sure that I was taken care of.

I am so pleased that my daughters have chosen men who take after Curtis. They are really blessed to have them. As I watched Ryan wash Taylor's face I was reminded of the Savior and the care he showed to his Apostles. I am grateful to be surrounded by "real men"; those who follow the Savior and serve as He did. And I am grateful that my boys will have these men to pattern their lives after.

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  1. Amen! Actually, A+ Men :) We Anderson women are a lucky bunch. I have more comments than that, but I'll save them for my own post. Yay for awesome husbands! And yay that Taylor will get to have her's sealed to her next week!! (Does anyone else think it's more strange that Ryan *isn't* yet officially in our family than that he will be? I think usually it's the other way around...)