Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday Night Loser's Club

High: Last night I met Dad after work and we went to Home Depot. We spent an hour and half and $400 on things for the house, including a new toilet seat. Hey we took about 10 minutes to analyze whether plastic or wood will show the fewest stains. The reason this is a high is that we had 10 minutes together to talk and discuss these types of things as well as the size of mesh to keep the rats out of our chicken coop. We then went to Wendy's and spent $5 on our meal that we shared(obviously waters and no soda) and ended by laying on the couch with Kyle and watching Disney Channel.
This was the ultimate Friday Night Loser's Club. But it was one of the most enjoyable evenings for me. I love just having time to work with my husband and spend time with him. No one else needed our time and we just got to be together. I am really really really glad that after 27 years that just being together is so enjoyable. That is truly a high.
Low: We now need to go work on the toilet in the boys bathroom. Yuck.

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