Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Story of US!

The idea of highs and lows comes from one of Mom and Dad's favorite movies - The Story of Us. Unfortunately the movie is rated R, but we bought an edited version for them one year for Christmas. Anyways, in the movie the family has a tradition of having everyone tell what their high and low was for the day while sitting around the dinner table. It's one of our family's favorite scenes in the movie for this exchange -

Dad: What about you? What was your high today?
Josh: Gary Ellis' mom bought a new juicer and I went to his house and drank a chicken.
Dad: And your low?
Josh: I don't have a low.
Dad: You gotta have a low.
Josh: I've been racking my brain. I do not have a low.
Dad: We'll enter the chicken smoothie in the high and low category.

We tried to have this same tradition at dinner when we were all at home, but now that the family is getting more spread out we needed a way to share our highs and lows from across the country. A blog seemed like a fitting way for us to do that since everyone can contribute and view it this way. Plus it's a cool way for us to keep a record of all of the blessings (or highs, whatever you want to call them :) ) that we have through the years.

So, enjoy the Anderson family highs and lows... and chicken smoothies :)

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