Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am surrounded by boys

High: Kyle came home from camp and told us about a really stupid sounding game. (Yes this really is the high...hold on) You sit in a circle and you make the sound "zssst" if you want the person next to you to pass the sound on or the sound "bong" if you want them to pass the sound back to themselves. The trick is that you can't show your teeth. Sounds simple and stupid right...right. Well what you don't realize is that you look totally ridiculous as you do this which you hope makes the other person laugh, thereby showing their teeth, making them out. Try playing this game with our family and you end up with some ridiculous faces and lots of laughter. That is the high. Good old cheap family fun. Ryan beware the rest of the story will bring back very bad memories for you.
Low: If Kyle laughs that hard he starts to puke. This is a new fact that we will never forget. Laughing and puking = spewing across everyone. That cleared the family room. Unfortunately we were laughing so hard that we were having a hard time racing to get him bowls to protect the carpet. He also ended up with food lodged in his nose - a definite low.

OK OK enough details. The moral of the story is, "Don't play outdoor school games when you come home. If you don't want to laugh yourself sick that is."

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