Monday, September 21, 2009

Back at Redwood

Low: Kyle is back at Redwood and it is the end of September, which for those of you who attended that school know means (drum roll )...................yes of course you remember......magazine sales.....did you know that if you ONLY sell 150 orders of magazines you can win a whole lot of wonderful prizes that are more commonly referred to as ....excuse the bad language......crap. So for the next few weeks Kyle will be pounding the pavement in search of the opportunity to annoy the neighbors and receive pittance for his time. Oh how I like Redwood.

Low and High: Yesterday was our Primary program. It was soooo good and also funny. Jacob Garcia stole the show by grabbing the microphone after his two word part and yelled no. It was the last primary program that I will have a child perform in. I have loved watching my kids in this annual event, especially the year Brittny put her feet up in the air and revealed an area of her body that usually isn't revealed and sucked on her socks until they were sopping wet. So now it is your turn to have children so that I can come and enjoy their program. Love you guys.

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