Monday, June 22, 2009

22 Jun 09

High - When I called Blue Cross to check on COBRA insurance options for Taylor now that she is married, I was told that they had Taylor down as being male. When I informed them that she was decidedly female the guy on the phone asked me "could you verify her sex for us please?" Uhhhhhhhh **stifle laughter**, do I have to be a doctor to do that, or would being present at her birth be sufficient? Ultimately they settled that I could give them her date of birth. Tate, watch out!!!!! They may be sending someone your way for further verification!

Low - My butt STILL hurts from sitting on a 5 gallon bucket for the youth conference testimony meeting for two and a half hours on Saturday.


  1. Ryan could also verify that I am in fact female if the need were to arise :P

  2. High- Being able to enjoy Father's day with my wife, family, neighbors, former missionaries.
    Also being able to talk to my father, and hearing my new father in law swear during a game of ticket to ride. LOL

    Low- Having an ach in my gut from laughing so hard!