Friday, May 7, 2010

Tacos Anyone

Low: Yesterday I came home from seminary and it was obvious from the odor coming from the kitchen that someone was eating more than cold cereal. I found Kyle making food and from the array of food I thought he was making spaghetti. So I made the comment, "so we are having spaghetti for breakfast!!", trying to point out that this not the usual fare for breakfast. He replied that he was having tacos.

High: ( Don't know why I have transitioned to the High portion but I have to somehow fit this experience into a high and low and it really doesn't fit.) Anyways I figure our family usually eats non traditional foods for breakfast so why not tacos, most of the major food groups are represented. Later I walk back to the kitchen and discover that not only was he eating tacos but he was eating "Spaghetti Tacos". I of course wonder where this idea came from to which he announced that everyone who watches I Carly knows that her brother eats spaghetti tacos. Given that I sleep with the only 50 year old fan of I Carly I expect he knows about this, only to find out that Curtis has never heard of spaghetti tacos.
So when you look at the picture on Facebook and see you Dad posing with Sam from I Carly as though he is the greatest fan of the show, know that his true identity has been revealed and that he failed in identify and eating the food that the show is famous for.
On the other hand the picture above proves that Kyle and I are the only ones in the family who have lived the life of an I Carly fan. (Actually I think the show is stupid)


  1. LOL. This is awesome! I laughed all the way through it, but I had to laugh quietly because Sam is sleeping on my lap :P

  2. Those tacos look delicious! I have to admit that I would not be as brave as you two.